Specialising in B2B.

Seilo Business Advice Oy’s services are best suited for B2B companies that already have a refined product or service portfolio but would benefit from having a growth-driven partner to help with commercialisation of the products or services.

My services include:

Ihmisiä tekemässä tiimityötä.
Ihmisiä tekemässä tiimityötä.

International success requires a sense of culture and context.

International markets and cultures can be vastly different from each other, so the recipe for success may also vary depending on the context – as well as your offering. Above all, it is crucial to genuinely understand the people and potential customers within the target market as well as the internal mechanics of the customer organisation. An experienced consultant with a knowledge of the target market can provide valuable information that you can directly apply into practice, helping you navigate your way to success.